Welcome Eleanor Gould!

September 30, 2019

Eleanor Gould has joined Mount Auburn Cemetery’s Executive Leadership Team as Vice President of Horticulture & Landscape, reporting directly to President & CEO Dave Barnett. In addition to being responsible for leadership and effective management of the Horticulture Department, comprising 17 full-time and 34 seasonal staff, Eleanor will be responsible for design and implementation of landscape improvements that achieve longterm strategic objectives such as increasing plant diversity, enhancing the sustainability and wildlife habitat value of the landscape, and preserving the historic character of this National Historic Landmark.

Eleanor recently completed the prestigious Longwood Fellowship program at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. This 14-month-long program is designed to develop proven leaders as the next generation of executive leadership in public horticulture. Prior to that, Eleanor spent eight years at Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson in Virginia. She started as a Seasonal Gardener, maintaining the historic flower and vegetable gardens and leading interpretive garden tours, eventually becoming the Curator of Gardens from 2014 to 2018. Eleanor has a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Virginia School of Architecture.

In his announcement of Eleanor’s hiring to the staff, Dave Barnett said: “I look forward to working with Eleanor and am certain that she will bring strong leadership to an already phenomenal Horticulture staff. We are indeed fortunate to have Eleanor join our team!”


  1. mindy arbo says:

    As the designer and owner of a 32 year mini-arboretum in the Boston suburbs, the reasons I have been coming to Mt. Auburn since 1972 are:
    * to study plants in situ for possible addition to our mini-arboretum.
    *to wonder at individual specimens
    My.very favorite specimen? Fagus Asplenifolia. I’m just starting my own experiment with coppicing one.

    My big disappointment with the MAC collection is that ‘variegated’ and ‘golden leaved’ seem to have been dirty words with the curators.I am so hopeful that you will be able to change that.
    welcome to this fantastic collection!

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