Genealogical Research Requests

October 12, 2011

Mount Auburn offers a range of research and genealogy services. Please choose from the services below:


To request these services, please visit our web store, print out and mail a copy of our research request form, or contact our Historical Collections Department directly at


For location of burials, please utilize our map feature by simply entering the surname of the deceased and the approximate dates of interment.


Please note that research fees cover the time required to look for the information and will be charged whether or not anything is found. Fees are subject to change. Please allow a month for response.

Privacy laws and Cemetery policy restrict the examination of records that are less than 70 years old, with some exceptions for family members.




  1. Deb Riley says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am looking for the location of a grave site. I have a record of a Catherine (Quigley) Auty. Date of death: October 5, 1876. The death record indicates that she was buried at Mt. Auburn but I cannot locate the burial site utilizing your research button on the website. Please let me know how I can better locate this record or utilize your services.
    Thank you,
    Deb Riley

    • Stephanie Messina says:

      Hello Deb, We have sent a response to the email address provided with your comment. Thank you.