Open Position: Facilities Manager

May 19, 2018

The Facilities Manager (FM) oversees the regular maintenance and repair of all Cemetery buildings and infrastructure, including roads and water systems. The FM supervises and coordinates the day to day work of the custodial, facilities maintenance and water system maintenance staff.  The FM schedules and oversees contractors performing regular maintenance and repairs to the buildings or infrastructure. The FM works closely with the Vice President of Preservation and Facilities in setting annual goals and establishing the operating budget for maintenance and repair.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Facilities and Infrastructure Management

Supervises the Facilities Management Department and is responsible for the efficient and effective management of all operations and programs related to facilities and infrastructure maintenance and management. Manages the day-to-day activities and operations of the Department staff and works closely with the Vice President of Preservation and Facilities in setting short-term and long-term priorities and goals. Works closely with the V.P. of Preservations and Facilities in establishing and the department budget, and monitors the budget through the year, approving invoices and reviewing labor to ensure budget is maintained. Works closely with the V.P. of Preservation and Facilities to ensure that routine in-house repairs and maintenance are carried out in accordance with the Cemetery’s preservation standards.

Facilities Maintenance:

Schedules and supervises Facilities Maintenance Specialist performing scheduled and preventative maintenance in all buildings. Responds to staff requests for repairs, prioritizes facilities repair needs, and ensures appropriate follow up is completed in a timely manner. Documents and maintains records of work performed.

Administers preventative maintenance program for all Cemetery facilities, including routine inspections and regular maintenance cycles for HVAC, plumbing, electrical systems and other building systems. Documents and maintains records of work performed.

Schedules and oversees contractors performing preventive maintenance, repairs or facilities improvements. Ensures all contractors are properly insured according to Cemetery requirements. Reviews and approves contractor invoices and monitors contracted work budget. Documents and maintains records of work performed.

Schedules and oversees repairs and maintenance of all Greenhouse systems, including greenhouse controls, vents, curtains, heating and irrigation. Works closely with Greenhouse Manager to ensure that issues are addressed in a timely manner and with minimal disruption to greenhouse activities.  Coordinates the work of staff and contractors in performing repairs.

Performs basic facilities maintenance tasks when other staff are otherwise occupied and not able to respond to issues in a timely manner.


Schedules and supervises custodial work throughout campus. Performs regular inspections of all buildings to ensures that high custodial standards are maintained.  Maintains checklists to clarify daily, weekly, and monthly custodial responsibilities.

Schedules and oversees contracted weekend custodian, ensuring that work is performed to high standards. Communicates weekend set up needs with contracted custodian and follows up with staff to ensure that set up was performed as requested.

Oversees custodian and contracted custodian in the set-up, break-down, and clean-up for memorial services, receptions, weddings, public events, staff and trustee meetings. Reviews scheduled events in advance and works closely with Cemetery and Visitors Services staff to ensure a positive visitor experience.

When custodians or other staff are not available to assist, sets up and breaks down chapels for services, receptions, weddings, events and meetings.

Coordinates trash removal and recycling vendors, scheduling pick-ups and approving invoices.

Places custodial supply orders and monitors custodial department budget.

Infrastructure: Water Systems

Oversees the regular maintenance, repair and improvement of irrigation water systems. Schedules and supervises the work of the Water Systems Specialist in performing regular maintenance and repair of existing water lines and the installation of new lines.  Works closely with the Horticulture staff to coordinate repairs and layout and install new lines.

Schedules and oversees the work of outside contractors as needed for maintenance, repair and improvement of water systems.

With the assistance of the Water Systems Specialist, monitors the operation and condition of the well, pumps, water tanks, and other pumphouse equipment. Schedules preventive maintenance and repairs to minimize disruptions to irrigation system.

Manages well-water system permitting and water-use reporting to appropriate authorities.

Oversees the regular maintenance, repair, and improvement of the surface water drainage system.

Coordinates catch basin cleaning, maintenance, repair and replacement. Coordinates cleaning of drainage lines as necessary.

Works closely with Cemetery mapping staff to update as-built maps of water systems as new lines are put in or repairs are made.

Infrastructure: Utilities

Oversees maintenance, repair, and improvement of utilities serving the Cemetery structures and grounds, including natural gas, electrical, municipal water, sanitary, and communications systems. Documents and maintains records of work performed.

Communicates with utility company or municipal authorities as necessary regarding outside utilities issues.

Reviews and approves natural gas, municipal water and electricity bills.

Works closely with Cemetery mapping staff to update as-built maps of water systems as new lines are put in or repairs are made.

Infrastructure: Roads, Paths and Perimeter Fences

Oversees department personnel and/or contractors in periodic road patching and maintenance. Documents and maintains records of work performed.

Monitors conditions of roads and makes recommendations for priorities for repaving. Coordinates and oversees repaving, ensuring that necessary utility and/or water system repairs are completed in conjunction with repaving projects.

Arranges for repairs, as needed, to perimeter chain link fence.

Responsible for regular maintenance and repair of informational signs throughout the Cemetery, and for producing new signs as requested.

Administrative Responsibilities:

Responsible for enhancing safety in the workplace by ensuring that all employees under his supervision are properly trained to use any required equipment and are following safety rules and procedures. Also responsible for making sure that required procedures related to employee accidents are carried out in a thorough and timely manner.

Responsible, along with the Director of Cemetery Operations and the Superintendent of Grounds, for sharing equipment, staff and materials as needed between departments in a harmonious and productive manner.

Reviews and authorizes all invoices and operating expenditures relating to the Facilities Department on a weekly basis.


A minimum of five years of professional experience in facilities management, preferably at an institution charged with the preservation and care of historic buildings.

General knowledge of building and infrastructure systems, including building envelope, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, utilities, water systems and other infrastructure. The ability to read and interpret construction drawings and plans. Familiarity with Massachusetts Building Code and Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

A high level of organization and the ability to juggle multiple building related issues while managing staff resources as well as contractors. The ability to prioritize work to best serve our clients including grieving families, casual visitors and staff working and using Cemetery buildings and infrastructure.

Attention to detail and the ability to maintain buildings to high standards expected by families, visitors and staff.

Excellent management and supervisory skills, with the ability to effectively communicate with, supervise and mentor a diverse staff.

Proficiency in Windows-based computer skills including Word, Excel, Access and Outlook.

Driver’s license required.

Strong analytical, written and verbal communication skills in English required. Knowledge of Spanish desirable.

Collaborative working skills and ability to communicate successfully with employees at all levels and with outside vendors, contractors, lot owners and visitors.

Ability to work effectively in a collaborative setting requiring strong analytical, written and verbal communication skills.

Knowledge of the Secretary of the Interior’s Guidelines for the Treatment of Historic Properties.


Must present a good professional image in dress, grooming and personal hygiene per the Cemetery’s dress code policy

Ability to access all areas of the Cemetery grounds and buildings

Ability to move within a normal office and workshop environment

Ability to bend, walk and/or stand for long periods of time

Ability to perform frequent heavy lifting (up to 80 lbs)

Able to work outdoors in all seasons, including harsh weather conditions

All employees of Mount Auburn Cemetery are “at will’ employees and must adhere to Mount Auburn’s “Code of Conduct.”

Mount Auburn Cemetery is an equal-opportunity employer.  It does not discriminate in employment opportunities on the basis of race, color, ancestry, religion, gender, national origin, age, pregnancy, citizenship status, physical or mental ability, military status, sexual orientation or any other characteristic protected by law.

To apply please submit a cover letter and resume, as MS Word documents, by email to stating the job title in the subject line. You can also mail a cover letter and resume to Mount Auburn Cemetery, 580 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, Attention: Human Resources. No telephone calls please.

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