New Document Transcription Project: Starting to Use “FromThePage” Software

April 5, 2020

Thank you for your support of Mount Auburn Cemetery and for your interest in transcribing 19th-century documents in Mount Auburn’s Historical Collections & Archives. Your work will make this important content accessible to scholars, researchers, and the public. Whether you transcribe only a few pages or volume upon volume, your contribution will help preserve the history of Mount Auburn Cemetery and its importance for generations to come.

It is easy to get started with transcribing. The goal is to record what you see on the page.

Follow these steps to get started in no time:Go to your browser and enter to create an account with your own name and password. Please note: your user name cannot have any spaces or special characters, (It should look like: JacobBigelow). Be sure to scroll down and check the box labeled “I am not am robot” at the bottom of the page.

*Send an email to with the email you used to create your account and your username. We need to know your email in order to assign permissions and special projects.

*Start Transcribing! Go to You will be directed to the next page that needs to be transcribed. This is a good link to bookmark. Or, visit one of the three different sets of the collection: Trustee Minutes, Copying Books, or Letters. Also available is a Tutorial Collection where you can review completed transcriptions and see how we transcribe three different types of documents.

*To Transcribe: Start typing by clicking into the white transcription box. Using the keys provided, you can arrange your screen by putting the document image above or to the side of where you are typing. You can also easily zoom in and out of the image to your preferred size. Be sure to click “Save” after transcribing to save your work!

*Tips on Transcribing: To read our transcribing guidelines, scroll to the bottom of the transcribing page to find the Transcription Conventions. If something is not covered, click “More Help” to get a more detailed list.

*Questions? Have a question about the page you are working on? Can’t make out a signature? Did you run across an amazing discovery? Use the “Page Notes” at the bottom of a page to type a question, comment, or concern for the page you are working on. This will allow other transcribers and the Historical Collections & Archives team to offer to see your comment and offer help. You will receive a notification when someone replies to you. It’s also a good idea to check for previous comments when you begin working on a page that someone else has started.

*You are ready to go! Enjoy working with this selection of important materials held in Mount Auburn Cemetery’s Historical Collections & Archives. Not only will you be providing an invaluable service while you are transcribing, but you will have the rare opportunity to explore some of the most interesting content of our collection.

Finally, if you have any other questions or comments email and we will get back to you. Thank you again.

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