Mount Auburn Memorial Published

December 7, 2011

Mount Auburn Memorial was a weekly newspaper that discussed many topics related to Mount Auburn. The first edition was published on Wednesday, June 15, 1859. The eight-page publication was produced by Mount Auburn’s gatekeeper, Truman Hopson (T.H.) Safford, and his son DeForest (D.F.) Safford.

Features included poems, stories, news from other cemeteries, advertisements for local businesses from dentists to Iron Fence retailers, horticulture notes, record of interments, memorials to notable residents and “The Tour” which was an ongoing feature that supplied a “general description of lots and monuments on the various avenues and paths.”

Although most pieces were written by T.H. and D.F. Safford, the father and son team also included submissions and works from other publications. In addition to the Gatehouse at Mount Auburn, the paper could also be purchased at the Bowdoin Square railway station in Boston, the Cambridge Post Office, and the publisher’s office in Cambridgeport. The paper cost 4 cents per copy or $2.00 per year. It was published for two years, until the death of T. H. Safford.

“A token of all the heart can keep, of holy love in its fountains deep.”

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