Lawrence Ferlinghetti poems to Robert Creeley

December 7, 2012

Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti was so inspired by a visit to the grave of friend and fellow poet Robert Creeley at Mount Auburn that he wrote two poems about his experience at the Cemetery.  Photo above of Robert Creeley visiting his family lot (where he is now buried) not so many years ago.

Robert Creeley's grave at Mount Auburn Cemetery

Poetry tour visits the grave of Robert Creeley, Fall 2012

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  1. Amar Agarwala says:

    ‘Tis strange that though i have died
    My verses yet live in pages,
    I know they’re read by mortals
    Whose hearts and minds it engages.

    I can see them better know
    From the realms of my graveside,
    Angels now read them for me
    A matter of honour and pride.

    Poets never die, they are immortal… for they live in the verses of their poetry until eternity!

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