Iron Fences and Granite Curbs Removed From Lots

December 10, 2011

For many years before 1922, no fences, granite curbing, or steps had been permitted on newly purchased lots.  But, throughout the Cemetery, evidence of the 19th-century trend of enclosing lots in iron fences and granite curbing remained. To simplify Cemetery maitenence and improve the look of the landscape, Mount Auburn began to remove these enclosures, when given permission to do so from lot owners. In 1922, iron fences were removed from twenty-one lots and granite curbings and steps from nine lots.

In 1993, Mount Auburn developed a Master Plan that recognizes “the Cemetery’s aesthetic richness, educational value and historic significance are derived in large part from the remarkable tapestry formed by its diverse collection of monuments, structures and funerary inscriptions. The contributions of these built structures to the diversity of the landscape needs to be respected within the context of maintenance, preservation, cemetery development and landscape improvements.”  As a result, Mount Auburn is commited to caring for and preserving the 62 remaining historic lot fences currently on the gounds. 

Adapted from the 1922, 1923, 1924 and 1928 Annual Reports &  1993 Master Plan

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