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October 27, 2011

Resources at Mount Auburn Cemetery

Mount Auburn Cemetery is pleased to assist you with genealogy and research requests.

Once you have confirmed that an individual or family is buried at Mount Auburn, you may request additional information including photocopies about the individual or lot by contacting the Historical Collections Department:

+  By web: Scan our list of genealogical research services or visit our online store. You can fill out all information online, and the results will be emailed or printed and mailed per your specifications.

+  By email: Contact research@mountauburn.org after browsing our research services. You will be mailed a Request for Genealogical Information form to fill out and be asked to send a prepayment.

+  In person: If you are visiting the Cemetery, these forms may be picked up at the Front Office and Information Center.


Mount Auburn Cemetery maintains a unique and historically significant Archive containing burial records dating back to 1831 for over 94,000 individuals. Researchers do not have access to original materials.


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  1. jeanne benjamin says:

    i recall visiting years ago when my mother was looking for, and found, her ggm mary a lambert patten, amethyst path lot 5505. i have the funeral obit from 1900 for her, and it states she is buried in the family plot. i am wondering which others are buried in this plot? it would be likely to be lamberts, pattens, perhaps haskells.
    thanks in advance! hoping to come and take photos, the cemetery is beautiful. jeanne

  2. Marleen Newman says:

    Is there way to search all people buried in a particular plot? I have been able to find the family plot, but would like to be able to see everyone who is buried there.
    Thanks, Marleen

  3. Tim Nauss says:

    My great-grandfather’s name was Loren Benjamin Nauss. He lived in Gloucester after arriving from Nova Scotia in 1869. He was a fisherman and later owned Nauss Lumber in Gloucester until the time of his death in October 1901.

    I always thought he was buried in Gloucester as he has a plot there with a marker. Some other family members are buried alongside.

    In any case, I wanted to find out anything you may know about him, including documents or photos. He was cremated and interred on October 7, 1901. He is listed as Loren B. Nauss.

    Thank you.

  4. Carol Ann Robinson says:

    Dear Sir/Madam I have been trying to locate family buried in this cemetery, living in the UK I am finding this rather difficult.
    The information that I have is Diana Martinchalk, died April 1983 and her husband John A Martinchalk died May 1999. Can you help me with any information please.
    Thanking you, kind regards Carol Ann

    • Stephanie Gillette says:

      Dear Carol Ann,

      Mount Auburn Cemetery is pleased to assist you with genealogy and research requests. Upon investigation, it does not appear that anyone with the last name Martinchalk is interred at Mount Auburn. You may wish to try contacting Mount Auburn Catholic Cemetery or Cambridge Cemetery if you suspect your family members are buried in Cambridge. Best of luck with your research!

  5. Cathleen says:

    Hello my mother was taken to Mount Auburn as a child in the 1930s to see the graves of her family. She remembers also being shown where the poets were buried. I have a deed to a grave that says # 1811 and Cambridge. I am pretty sure this is referring to the persons buried in Mount Auburn. I think the name is Sullivan but I am not sure. The deed is very faded and not easy to read. Would you be able to tell me who is in lot 1811? Thank you.

    • Jennifer Johnston says:

      Hi Cathleen,

      I would recommend writing directly to our Historical Collections dept. regarding this information. It isn’t possible to disclose this type of personal information on the website. We also tend to look people up by name to find a specific person, but not the opposite (e.g. looking up lot numbers to find out who is interred there). If you send us more information in an email or via the post – we might be able to help you a little further. http://mountauburn.3dcartstores.com/Research-Requests_c_15.html

      Please note that research fees cover the time required to look for the information and will be charged whether or not anything is found. For privacy reasons, some materials may not be available. Please allow up to 30 days for response.