Genealogical Research FAQ

October 27, 2011

Please note that we cannot complete research requests through this web page or through the comments. Genealogical research must be requested through the channels listed on our Genealogical Research Requests post.


Can you tell me if an individual is buried at Mount Auburn Cemetery?

Yes. Verification of burial, cremation, and location within the Cemetery is available at no charge.

Please complete a Request for Genealogical Information form or visit our store. Be sure to include the correct spelling of the individual’s full name and approximate date of death.


Do I need to know the date of death to find out if someone is buried at Mount Auburn?

No. Mount Auburn Cemetery’s records are organized alphabetically by individual last names. Often, names are repeated within families so it is unlikely that there are several individuals with the same names in our records. The full name and approximate date of death help  us to identify the correct individual.


I’m certain that my relative is buried at Mount Auburn but you say that there is no such record. What should I do?

Often, it is a good idea to check burials in the Catholic Mount Auburn Cemetery and the Cambridge Cemetery, two other cemeteries located in Cambridge.

Spelling errors do occur.


Can you send me a list of all the individuals buried at Mount Auburn with the same last name?

No. Our computer program does not provide this service at this time. We can give you an approximate number of individuals buried here with that last name.




  1. Sally Holmes says:

    Good Morning,
    I am conducting genealogy research on Sarah E. Carr Skinner Shea and would like to know if she is interred at Mt. Auburn. If so, would you be able to tell me the location of her grave. She was born in Boston circa 1878 and died in Dedham, Mass. in 1956. Also, I would like information on with whom she is buried – first husband, Francis J. Skinner, Jr. or second husband, Charles A. Shea.
    I very much would appreciate any information you could provide.
    Sally Holmes

    • Mount Auburn Cemetery says:

      Dear Sally,

      We have emailed some information to the address affiliated with your comment. In the future, please visit our web store to submit genealogical research requests.

  2. David Goodnow says:


    I am looking for the location of a relative that I believe is buried there. His name is: John H. Morgan

    He died around the time frame of 1916 to 1918.

    If there were additional documents relating to his burial, I would be interested in obtaining copies of them. However, I am not exactly sure how I would go about it.

    Your help with this would be greatly appreciated.


    • Stephanie Messina says:

      Hi David,
      You can obtain the location of your relative’s monument by using our interactive map. Simply input his name in the search box and adjust the dates. If he is indeed buried here, you can proceed to the research requests area of our webstore and select the services in which you’re interested. Best of luck!

  3. brian macfarlane says:

    hi there .my name is brian grandparents Leslie MacFarlane died 11/14/1965 located on meadow road #9818 and my grandmmother Sarah Rita Macfarlane(error could not retrieve location) are buried side by side or together or next to each question has been a controversy in my family for a very long time .when my grandma passed my aunt was the only person involved with the process.and was givin power of attorney.nowe my grandmother purchased four plots upon my grandfathers passing in 1965.they were for my father Wayne Robert MacFarlane my uncle Kenneth ( middle name Bradley?) MacFarlane and my aunt Theresa MacFarlane.(and one for herself)it has been said that my aunt with the power of attorney sold the plots that were meant for my dad ,uincle (and herself).these plots were bought together so they would be buried close together (im not sure how you guys do the arrangements) I need to know if those plots are still available for my father and uncle.also where is my grandmother located she supposedly is next to my grandpa. thank you for your time and patience sincerely, brian macfarlane

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