Floral Tribute Regulations

December 1, 2011

Please help us maintain the historic character and beauty of Mount Auburn Cemetery by respecting the regulations for placement of floral tributes. Floral tributes have historically performed two important roles: to remember and honor a loved one and to beautify the area where they have been interred.

Mount Auburn Cemetery’s tribute regulations support these important roles while protecting our visitors, structures, and landscape. Thank you for your assistance and understanding.

In most areas Mount Auburn furnishes and installs one metal vase, set flush with the turf, after the interment in a single, companion, or urn grave is made. Due to safety concerns, other permanently installed vases are not allowed.

Cut flowers, bouquets of natural plant material, potted plants, or baskets of flowering plants are permitted at any time, but may be removed when they become unsightly or during area maintenance such as mowing.

To ensure that plants appropriate to the cultural conditions and historic character of the cemetery are selected, all in-ground planting must be performed by Mount Auburn’s horticultural staff. Please stop by the office if you wish to request or discuss planting options.

Large planters, hanging baskets, glass, china, jars, bottles, and tin cans are prohibited and subject to immediate removal.

From December 1 to March 31, wreaths, baskets, or sprays of natural evergreens and/or dried plant material or fabric flowers appropriate to the Holiday Season are permitted as tributes. Mount Auburn reserves the right to remove tributes when they have become unsightly and to remove any plastic flowers or other artificial decorations that are not appropriate to the setting.

At all times throughout the Cemetery any toys, knickknacks, pinwheels, balloons, crockery, glassware, shells, boxes, vigil candles, plastic containers, and similar ornaments or articles are prohibited and subject to immediate removal.

Please do not use wires or plant stands to hold pots or flowers upright. Wires constitute a serious hazard to our visitors and staff during mowing and trimming operations.

Flags are permitted during Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Veteran’s Day and will be removed the following week.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance needed to sustain the historic character and beauty of Mount Auburn Cemetery. Please contact the office if you would like a comprehensive copy of the rules and regulations, have any questions, or require assistance.

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