Visiting with Children

April 1, 2014

2009_10_23_Landscape (10)

Mount Auburn is a great place to explore with kids of all ages (we welcome strollers)! There is so much to see: our beautiful plants and trees, our resident wildlife, and different styles of monuments. Many interesting people are buried here, from the inventor of jellybeans to the author of children’s books. And everyone enjoys the panoramic vista of the Boston area from Washington Tower.

Open to the public every day of the year and free of charge, we encourage you to visit often. Each time you do, the Cemetery will look slightly different and you are guaranteed to see new things.  Below, find some ideas and suggestions for enjoying this special place together.


We’ve put together some basic Tips for Visiting with Children to help you plan your visit.  Learn more >>>


There are many ways to explore Mount Auburn.  We’ve got some family-friendly guides to help even the youngest explorers understand what makes this place so special.  Learn more >>>

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