Mount Auburn is a work in progress. Geological forces created its varied terrain and natural beauty. Human ideas about death, landscape design, decorative style, visitor needs and sustainability have continually transformed it since the Cemetery‚Äôs consecration in 1831. Through it all, it has remained a tranquil, lovely place for the dead to rest and for the living to visit and enjoy. Learn More »


Bowditch Monument After 2011 Conservation
There is a story behind each grave at Mount Auburn. All of the men, women and children buried here left their mark in some way. Some had a large sphere of influence, impacting the region, nation or world in a profound, useful, entertaining or provocative way. Learn More »



Mount Auburn is a world-class arboretum with an exceptional collection of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. They have been selected for their beauty, diversity and value to wildlife. Our horticulture department also works hard to ensure that there is something exciting to see all year long, from the flowers of spring to the evergreens of winter. Learn More »


The Cemetery has more than 44,000 monuments. Many are accomplished works of art. Together with our buildings, the monuments reflect nearly two centuries of changing trends in art, design and architecture and shifting attitudes about life and death. Learn More »


An island of green in the midst of bustling city life, Mount Auburn provides habitat for numerous animal species. What is habitat? It is the right mix of shelter, food and water that animals need to survive. Our tall stands of trees, shrubs and four bodies of water support everything from mammals and amphibians to birds and bugs. Learn More »