Commemorate a Life

With its harmonious combination of natural beauty and thoughtfully designed built structures, Mount Auburn Cemetery is ideal for reflection and remembrance. We offer lovely indoor and outdoor venues for services and funerals, and also have a range of opportunities for permanent, on-site tributes to a loved one.

Special Tributes

A loved one need not be buried at Mount Auburn to have a presence here. A plaque placed on a tree, bench or window is simple, elegant way to celebrate a life.


Choose a teak or granite bench in one of several locations around the Cemetery.

Tree Plaques

Select one of our existing trees for a plaque that honors someone special.

Chapel Interiors

Other memorial possibilities include our historic stained glass windows and pews in our chapels.

Special Services of Remembrance

Mount Auburn hosts two annual services to commemorate those we have lost. Both events combine readings, speakers, and music and are open to the public.

  • Service of Commemoration.
    Each year on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend we gather on Bigelow Chapel Lawn to remember the dead. The program includes the names of those for whom in memoriam contributions have been made throughout the year.
  • Candle Lighting Service.
    Because we know that the holiday season can be particularly difficult for those in mourning, we offer a special service each December. This joyful event is an opportunity to light a candle in honor of a loved one.