Burial Space

Mount Auburn is committed to providing elegant, tranquil, and environmentally-sensitive burial space now and well into the future. Current options include conventional casket graves, natural burial graves, and space for the burial of cremated remains, and accommodate a wide range of memorial styles. With features like reflection pools, woodland gardens, or scenic overlooks, today’s offerings reflect the Cemetery’s founding principle that nature helps to console the bereaved and inspire the living. 


Conventional casket graves are available throughout the Cemetery in both historic and more modern areas. These graves typically accommodate two caskets, provided the first is buried extra deep, and most require the use of a concrete liner. Companion graves that accommodate up to four caskets are also available. Monumentation varies from shared tablets to private lawn (also known as flush or flat) makers to private upright markers. Casket graves may also be used for the burial of cremated remains. Prices begin at $25,000.

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Natural burial graves are available largely in the historic areas of the Cemetery and are intended for unembalmed bodies buried in biodegradable containers. Natural burial graves accommodate one individual each, though Mount Auburn does allow one additional cremated remains burial in any natural burial grave. Many natural burial graves are unmarked, while others include rights of the inscription on a shared memorial tablet or rights to erect a private marker. Memorial tree plaques are a popular option to commemorate those buried in unmarked graves. Prices begin at $9,000.

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Mount Auburn provides a variety of options for the earth burial of cremated remains, as well as a limited number of individual niches in the Story Chapel Columbarium. Outdoor cremation graves range from individual spaces to graves intended for three or more individuals. Memorialization options include shared listing stones or wall panels, individual wall panel blocks, private lawn (also knows as flush or flat) makers, or upright private markers. Most locations allow for burial in urns or other suitable containers, while all allow the pouring of remains directly into the earth. Prices start at $3,000 for individual graves and $15,000 for spaces that accommodate two or more burials.

Current cremation burial space options include:
Birch Gardens
Spruce Knoll
Azalea Path


Purchase of a burial space includes right of burial, perpetual care of turf or plantings around the grave in accordance with its location, and associated inscription or monumentation rights.  Not included in the purchase of space are the fees for the interment of a casket, natural burial, or cremated remains; and depending on the type of space purchased, the fees for inscription on a shared memorial or fees for the setting of a private marker. Please note that Mount Auburn does not sell private markers.

Annual care or perpetual care of additional plantings may be allowed in some areas at an additional cost, and we also offer perpetual care of monuments.


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