(Free Download) Catholic Mount Auburn Cemetery by William A. McEvoy Jr.

April 1, 2020

This book by William A. McEvoy, Jr. is the result of his four year study of the 23,000+ people (primarily Irish immigrants or their first generation descendants) buried from 1854 to 1920 at the Catholic Mount Auburn Cemetery, Watertown, MA. In the course of his research and writing, he expended over 6,000 hours.

Catholic Mount Auburn is also sometimes referred to as Sand Banks Cemetery. It is owned by the Archdiocese of Boston.  There is no affiliation with Mount Auburn Cemetery.

We are happy to share this publication with you, free of charge, as many people contact us for more information about Catholic Mt. Auburn and those interred there. Download PDF below.


  1. Jim Houlihan says:

    This looks like quite a bit of work Bill McEvoy has accomplished here. I will be reading and searching in the days to come, i have one or more genealogy dead ends that may relate to this cemetery, what luck to have Bill McEvoy’s book fall in my lap. I always wondered if this Bill McEvoy, i encountered around the internet was the same man as the Magistrate, now i know for sure. Around year 2000-2002 i went to search in Cambridge for records relating to Charlestown occurring before the merger with Boston/Suffolk County. A nice lady told me i should talk to The Magistrate which i was able to do about a week later. I received great encouragement from Magistrate Bill relating to genealogy & History, this advice was like a bit of gasoline on a fire. Thanks again for all this work, i’m sure i’ll get something if not everything i’m looking for.

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