Roberto Mighty's

January 25, 2016

Official trailer for Roberto Mighty’s – a new media project about the Cemetery that combines film, historic voices, layered design, and music.

In, audiences experience a uniquely emotional, historical journey through breathtaking landscape cinematography, high-fidelity audio, music, and photography, while hearing the inspiring, sometimes heartbreaking and often uplifting words of individuals interred at Mount Auburn Cemetery from its inception to today. As Mighty describes it “ is not about death. It is about living people. People who once walked the earth as we now do. People who live on in the memories of others.”

Preservation and the Annual Fund at Mount Auburn

October 29, 2015

2015 has been an incredibly productive year at Mount Auburn, with exciting projects being undertaken across our different departments to continue making the Cemetery a welcoming and inspiring place for everyone. Our preservation and facilities staff members have been a particularly visible example this year, overseeing the significant restoration work being done on our Egyptian Revival Gateway and all of the other front entry precinct improvements that are currently in-progress. In addition, they have remained busy conserving and maintaining the monuments and structures throughout the Cemetery, ensuring that Mount Auburn’s rich collections remain in good condition for years to come. (more…)

Experiencing Roberto Mighty’s

May 28, 2015


On a snowy February morning, I went to the studio of filmmaker and new media artist Roberto Mighty in Fort Point Channel to preview, a multimedia installation that was to be shown at Story Chapel during Cambridge Open Studios weekend, May 9–10. I wasn’t sure quite what to expect. I had been working with Roberto for the past year on fundraising for his residency at Mount Auburn, making sure that he had the resources he needed to continue producing film and multimedia inspired by his time at the Cemetery. I had already seen several of the short films Mighty had created: each two- to five-minute piece focused on a person interred at Mount Auburn, using their own words and images of their monument in an emotionally and visually engaging way. Now I was curious to see how Mighty would pull the diverse subjects together into a single statement. (more…)

Artist-in-Residence Blog: He Fled to Boston, For Freedom

March 20, 2015

RobertoMighty_copyright2014_www robertomighty com_Byus_IMG_1437_watermarkIt has been a little over a year since I began roaming historic Mount Auburn Cemetery with video cameras, still cameras and digital audio recorders, looking for compelling stories about some of the people interred here since 1831. Most of the inscriptions on gravestones and monuments are terse:

MAR. 21, 1832
MAY 25, 1905

But others tell a story. The monument to Peter Byus reads like the preface to a novel: (more…)