Birds & Birding at Mount Auburn

April 7, 2013

Photo by Al Parker, Mount Auburn Security

Mount Auburn Cemetery is recognized as one of the premier birding destinations in Massachusetts. The Cemetery’s diverse horticultural collections and natural features attract many specimens of birds, both migratory and year-round residents.  It is because so many birds can be found within the grounds that Mount Auburn has become a regular site of pilgrimage for thousands of bird watchers, from both near and far.

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  1. Barbara says:

    My husband and I visited Mt. Auburn yesterday (our first visit). After coming down from the Tower, we both saw 2 large birds. I viewed with binoculars and my husband had his camera. They were Broad-winged Hawks. At first they were sitting apart in the tree but then we actually saw them copulating. I noticed he was smaller than the female. My husband did get a few good pictures. I checked images online this morning and we are sure they were Broad-winged Hawks.

    Really enjoyed our visit and will return often now (we both recently retired).

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