Bigelow Chapel Revitalization

September 6, 2017

July 2017 – July 2018

Bigelow Chapel is being revitalized as part of Mount Auburn’s long term plan to improve its entry precinct and expand its options for end-of-life services.

The revitalized Chapel will include:
*  A modern state-of-the-art crematory
*  New gathering spaces for private events and functions
*  A handicap accessible entrance and restrooms
*  Fully-restored 19th-century stained glass rose window

We greatly appreciate your patience as we complete this project which will improve the experience for all who visit this sacred space.

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  1. James Cornelison says:

    I am planning to visit Mt. Auburn Cemetery on either the 17th or the 22nd of August. A dear friend, Milton Hannah, is interred in a columbarium on the second floor of Bigelow Chapel. Will it be possible visit the chapel on these days? Thank you for your response.

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